Nikon Singapore issues letter of intent of legal action against me (Nikon D4 issue)

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Sell your camera and move on.

I don't get this - stop with the crusade, you'll burst a blood vessel. In fact, if you hadn't produced the letter I would have labelled you as a troll, but I believe you to be genuine in your own concerns.

Nikon don't agree with you. My experience is that when someone has escalated as you have the relevant product will have been tested to death, as in your trips for service. Further, to send a letter like that: (a) you must had rubbed them up the wrong way to such a degree they no longer care about retaining you as a customer; and (b) they must also believe strongly that the camera is within specification and that your claims have little substance.

You have a choice between legal action yourself (expensive, likely to fail given (a)) or selling the camera you don't like. Given both (a) and (b) I strongly recommend selling your camera.

At the end of the day just sell the D4 , buy a camera that satisfies you and get on with your life.

surrephoto wrote:

For those who might have missed the previous threads that document my experience with dealing with issues with my Nikon D4, you may read them (quite lengthy) at the following links;

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

In July 2013, Nikon issued a letter to me. The usual declaration of the product being within factory standards stands.

Also, I presume that the words "forced to take action (including legal action)" clearly shows Nikon's intent to sue me for any further statements from me which may or directly suggests that there are certain issues with my Nikon D4 body.

I have decided to publicize this letter as the D4S will replace the D4 shortly, and do not wish my plight and the issue be obscured into the unknown forever. We as Nikon users deserve better.

I am now prepared for any legal repercussion. And I wish for the support of all members in dpreview... share this on any channels you may wish.

Essentially, making any claim of technical or production issues with a Nikon product makes you liable for legal percussion simply because if Nikon does not admit to an issue, it is an act of defamation.

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