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Re: What other shape do you want it to be?

yardcoyote wrote:

If you are going to have an ergonomic camera with both a large centered viewfinder and a screen that almost covers the back, the logical place to put the viewfinder is above the screen. So you basically have a rectangular box with a smaller housing on top of it in the center. The other option is to make the box taller to enclose the housing, but that makes for an awkward grip with no way for the fingers to engage controls on the top surfaces.

If you take that combination of a horizontal oriented rectangular box shape with a smaller housing at the center top, and put a lens in the middle of the box in the front, it's going to look like, guess what, a camera with a high mounted center viewfinder. Which is what it is.

How you style it, and therefore how much it looks like a "retro SLR" is a matter for the marketing department. But the basic shape comes from what it is.

Is the centre the logical place? many would say they preffer the side and with an EVF unlike an OVF theres no reason why this couldn't be done. The VF is central because that's a look that's expected on an SLR just as the side on VF is expected for bodies copying rangefinders.

The issue for me really is that "whats cool" seems to follow "what mirrorless is doing" for some people with the suspicion being there really more gadget freaks who'll consider the latest tech cool and older tech uncool regardless of the form it takes. Its been quite amusing to see the Df derided as a "dentists camera" only for Fuji to come out with something essentially the same as few months latter and the efforts certain people will go to in trying to differentiate them.

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