Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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Re: I'm going to put as objectively as I can

Lumixdude wrote:

My landscapes look like a Renoir painting if you actually do some serious noise reduction... not good enough... They have a complex going on, on the Panasonic compact forum called "view it at print size" but as soon as you notice the lack of detail in the trees, in the grass, etc... It doesn't matter what size you view it at... This is base ISO as well... So... yeah... this is why I'm over compacts. Notice the purple fringing as well? Yes? Yeah... You just can't compose anything more than a snapshot with one of these things.

if you want more resolution from your LX7, you can do multiple shots and stitch them together.
if you want extreme resolution, get a D800E or a A7R, and never look back

you still need the lens that goes with the body anyway.

any mirrorless camera will be better than your LX7, by far.
for now, you will never know what you need if you don't go for it and use a camera.

so i suggest that you take any mirrorless camera with any lens, and use it.

if you don't like how it handles, send it back, and try another one.

for your photography skills, i even suggest that you take only one prime and only one, and use that lens only. forget about zoooms for a while.
and by the way, you are ditching fixed lens cameras a little quickly, because, when in the field, having to change lenses on your ILC can be a pain, especially when you have lots of dust, sand or flying stuff around

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