SONY NEX-3N vs. NEX-6? Anyone have one or both cameras?

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Re: SONY NEX-3N vs. NEX-6? Anyone have one or both cameras?

I know this is a late post but I recently did a very through comparisons of the two cameras, and just thought I'd share for anyone looking at this now.
The photo quality out of the NEX-6 and the newer NEX-3N is about the same.  It uses almost the same CMOS APS-C Sensors, if not the same at 16 megapixels and similar or the same BIONZ photo generating software process.
The major difference basically is in the included features and user interface.
 NEX-6 has a touch-screen rear panel to expedite the various settings more quickly, though the 3N has nearly the same camera control settings buried in the menu via dial/button interface as well.  It just takes a bit longer to set something up, perhaps when using the camera in manual modes. The NEX-6 also has a manual control dial for settings, and this is another way users can access different settings quicker as well.  
The NEX-6 has a hot shoe for external flash, and Sony's own list of a few accessories that can be attached to it, like a external microphone, etc for video.  Both NEX-3N and 6 has a internal flash that's quite capable for most indoor flash photography however, and for most 99% of the folks, that will suffice.
NEX6 also has an on-board Wifi link to Smartphones so by using an app, the iPhone/Android OS can be used to trigger the shutter remotely, and also preview/upload files to the internet more readily via the WiFi link.  With the 3N you can only dump the files the old fashioned way of USB connection to devices.
Perhaps the most important difference though, for the two cameras is that NEX-6 has the same Phase-detection Auto Focus, just like the bigger Alpha SLR and Contrast Detection.   The NEX-3N has only the Contrast Detection.  What this basically means is that the NEX-6 can focus in about half the time, and where the NEX-3N has difficulties auto-focusing in the dark for example, the NEX-6 will work much more quickly to determine focus.  
However in actual use, the NEX-3N is a very capable camera, and perhaps the best value in class. 99% of the normal 'snap-shot' types of pictures that you'd shoot, indoor or out, and in automatic "intelligent" modes, will pretty much come out exactly the same, espeically if your primary viewing and sharing is on a computer monitor and not in print.  
It is only if one is an avid photographer, who will actually need the additional capabilities and frequent manual setup access, that will really benefit from paying twice as much for the NEX-6.  
For all other more typical shots, one will be much better off, to buy a NEX-3N, and an additional lens for the money saved over the 6N, which will make things more interesting as any of these compact "interchangeable lens" cameras were meant to be enjoyed.

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