Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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Re: Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

Lumixdude wrote:

If I really want to look at starting this as a serious hobby I should probably just go where everyone else is. That is A7, or Canikon, or Micro 4/3.... Chose a body and start acquiring some lenses. It's just for what and where it is there are few MILCs that get you there.

I'm not trolling, I'm looking at this straight up in terms of image quality. I may just have to look at a different mount if I really want to start buying serious lenses.

A7 and A7R are MILCs...

if you have a LX7 now, any MILC will do MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better. and you can fit any lens you want.

that's why people are beginning to think you are a troll :

you are on a compact right now, and you ask for impossible things while not knowing what you talk about (at least, that's the impression you send to others right now)

before saying that "few MILC get you there", you should try one seriously for a month at least.
if your mind is set on the false idea that "big DSLR=IQ, mirrorless=small&light", then you should rethink everything from scratch and go look at pictures from competent people here and on other image sharing sites.
if not, then just buy a big DSLR with a big fast lens, and be done with it.
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