Just received my 16-35 VR, want to check sample variation

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Re: Just received my 16-35 VR, want to check sample variation

lordofthelints wrote:

Hi everyone,

Today I received my Nikkor 16-35 VR. I am planning to use it on my D800 but I want to make sure that i've got a good copy.

I never had issues with Nikon glass regarding bad samples in the past, but from reading the forums, it is said that the 16-35 VR good be the first lens that I must get somewhat worried.

So what's the best method to test this lens for sample variation?

You probably need to shoot some test targets. Try the lens at several focal lengths and a range of f/numbers.

Complex test targets can't be printed on a 600 dpi printer, but basic targets can be used at whatever range starts to show lack of resolution. Compare with a known good lens, such as a prime.

Note that prime lenses sometimes  have their best resolution at quite low f/numbers.

Here's a link to a basic test target. http://petavoxel.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/res-target/

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