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Re: re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ... part-II

jpr2 wrote: the part-I run into a wall of 150 posts per thread limit, due in not small degree to a myriad of one-liner posts by few users well known for such a tactic - who always try to derail threads they don't agree with, here is the part-II.

in particular just take a peek on very many examples here,including quite well documented series of moderately fast action, where XT-1 seems to coped pretty well. Also the SOOC images are quite amazing - already with XP-1 I was smitten by such excellent IQ from a low Mpx sensor, but these look even better


price wise the XT-1 competes with the Sony a7

seriously how can you say sony is under pressure? with the right lens the A7 should kill any APS-c camera of equal or less mp

fact is right now all of the other mirror less camera companies are the ones who have the pressure on them trying to catch up with the A7 and the A7r

as a side note I would bet my NEX-7 with my sigma 60mm f/2.8 easily out resolves anything Fuji or any other mirror less camera manufacture makes other than the A7 & A7r

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