Macro photography for dermatology

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Re: Macro photography for dermatology

Argi wrote:

Olelena wrote:

  • General surgeon here. EM-5 more than adequate, 60mm is a great lens for macro but also close up which is actually what you need (not true macro). Forget the MAL light for what you'll do; office light or OR light illumination will be sufficient. The 12-50mm kit lens would work, but if you have neither , the 60mm would be preferred. I have all of the above.

I am sold on the 60 mm and em5 based on image quality. However, I am a resident and the 5.5 inch length of the 60 mm oly seems to be a bit too much to be useful -- perhaps when I am the consult resident in a few years but in a busy clinic I'm not so sure the size is going to work (it would be difficult to fit such a big lens in a white coat pocket without it looking ridiculous, and it will need to be a pretty quick photo so I can store it and run to get it every time).

I guess my alternatives are a high end point and shoot vs a more compact system (previously I was looking at the sony nex 3n plus sony 30 mm E mount macro but was told at close ranges there would be too much distortion. I have a belt clip that can store the lens and the body will easily fit in my pocket). The other option would be the oly 35 mm macro, but from what I read it's a little less user friendly.

I definitely will ill upgrade to another system in a few years but for now I think I need to balance practical (so that I use it) with quality.

Any suggestions? Thanks again for all the tips so far.

The Oly XZ-2, or even the XZ-1 might fill your requirements.


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