Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

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Re: Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

When I got back from my Christmas holiday I started processing and posting the photos I took while I was gone. I received a lot of very helpful advice which caused me to reprocess numerous photos and rethink some of my "keepers".

Some of the photos that were not well received here I decided to share with family and friends etc. in my Winter Wonderful Land Flickr Slideshow (16 photos) anyway. In some cases you turned out to be right. However, the three photos shown below were very well received elsewhere in spite of the luke warm response they generated here.

The first two are slightly modified versions of my original post. The third I didn't change at all and it ended up as someone's desktop wallpaper at work.

In my continuing effort to learn, I wanted to generate some discussion on why and how photographers' taste in photos might be different from that of the general population.

I mean to address the issue generally and specifically with regard to the three photos below.

Thanks for your sharing your thoughts.

I find it very ironic that one of the first posters mentioned this forum being about gear and not looking at photographs. So much for that idea.

I have had experience as a photographer and photo editor at a newspaper. I have seen the industry change exponentially over the years due to digital photography. Take a few words of advice and much of the constructive criticism that really good photographers have given you on this post.

-  Our photographer's each have about 15,000 dollars worth of gear. Of the 8 staffers, one has been at it 43 years, the oldest at 64, and the youngest for 10 years. They take fantastic photos. They win contests, do lectures, host journalism forums. But you know what gets the most hits on our website?  Dogs, kids, pet contests, and the monthly gallery of criminal mug shots. Don't let the public or your friends be the judge of what makes a good photograph for you. You can listen to their opinion and it should contribute to the overall value of the photo, but don't let them be the judge.

- I reviewed your winter gallery. You know what the common element is besides winter?  Well, you are just pointing the camera. You need to experiment more. Your angle of view never changes. I can't speak to your outtakes, but from what I see you need to spice it up a little. Don't just point the camera, make a photograph. Know that you are not going to take a great photo every time you release the shutter. In fact anyone is lucky to have a keeper ever 30-50 frames or more. When I started this in 1975, I hardly ever thought i needed to take more that one photo. It was going to be great every time. I think you may be there and you need to get beyond that.

- Work a little with crop. The barn has potential. It was obvious to a few on here who cropped in from the left. I would have taken that left two trees out to focus the interest.

- If you are frustrated with your take, leave it for a week or two and come back to it. You would be surprised how removing yourself from the immediacy of your take can help YOU take a more objective view of your photos.

Don't take any of this in a mean or derogatory way. If your goal is to make some money at this, do some self publishing or try some stock agencies. If rejected, go back to work and keep trying. Go through these forums and look at the URLs with the signatures and see what others are doing. You will suddenly start formulating your own unique view. The thing that will make your point of view different and add that WOW to your images. But it takes time and lots of BAD photographs. Now get out and shoot and good luck to you.



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