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Re: Sunday Walk (Breda)

RoelHendrickx wrote:

A long range snapshot of my wife and our two dear friends (with their dog) on one of our traditional Sunday morning walks. That morning, we were blessed with good morning light for a walk through fields frosted with cold and laced with little streams.

I let them take some distance on me for a shot with small silhouettes in nature's vast expanse:

(As you can see, the ladies are always chatting all through our walk, while my friend keeps the dog with me. I walk alongside him for some smalltalk, but he is used to me running off or lagging behind for a photo or two... For a photographer, a walk with friends is just a little bit less of a social occasion...)

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Roel Hendrickx
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Late to the discussion, so I'll try to be brief on just a few points.

> I don't think the foreground is too dark. It holds plenty of detail and is graduated, i.e., it's not a solid, characterless dark blot. But more important, the darkness of the water acts as a "viewer alert," a foreshadowing if you will, of the actual darkness of the distant treeline. Fog/mist takes away visibility of the trees' real darkness but the near-black foreground whispers to the viewer's mind about similarities -- impenetrable, mysterious, cold. This serves image unity. A lighter foreground would dilute the mood, imo.

> That the figures bridge the horizon line neatly ties the 'scape together.

> The heart and theme of the picture is in its pairs -- human/human, dog/human. The picture says "This is how we go out into the world." It's about experience shared. Speech is unnecessary. Symbolic perils of darkness on either side are remote.

> Way distant there appears to be a solitary hiker -- our companionship is made warmer.

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