Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

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Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

rogerstpierre wrote:

If you show me an image I think: Compositon, Technique, Balance, Mass, Lights, Darks etc. and when I show the same images to a non-photographers they think: Who, What, Where and sometimes When.

But before all of that isn't there a first impression. Don't you almost instantly like or not like the photo?

If one is educated and experienced in the use of "Compositon, Technique, Balance, Mass, Lights, Darks etc.", those elements and more are part of the initial impression. For example, bad composition and bad balance sometimes can be seen upon first glance of a thumbnail size photo.

Like and not like are one way of enjoying images. When I walk through a gallery or scan thumbnails I dismiss some upon first impression. For some I stop, my brain turns off, I take the image in and feel. Later, the brain turns on, usually first looking for a deeper story or meaning. If if have the time or inclination I'll study the composition, seeing how it works to produce, seeing if I can learn something. Last aspect I examine, if I even do it, is image quality - because if everything else works, then the image quality was good enough.

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