Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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Re: Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

If you're doing landscapes you should use a tripod, and you don't need fast lenses.

If you want hand held and light weight, you don't go with fast (big) lenses.

If you're going a/small body, you don't load it up with lenses and adapters and tripods and junk, because that defeats the entire purpose

If you really want low light zoom, you go w/a Canon 5d. It's bigger, but you can't eat nothing but cake

Lumixdude wrote:

Don't tell me about ISO, as I believe ISO bumping is an anachronism. I'm this close to actually buying an NEX, but then I look at things... I could handle the 18-105 at F/4.... that's quite a good aperture if you look at the long end, but where are your wide and fast wide angle lenses? I want something in the vicinity of a 14-35 or there abouts which would go down to something like F/1.8 but Sony doesn't offer anything here... It's a shame really, the one lens I would use frequently for landscape photog and Sony doesn't have one?

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