WHERE is the RX10 review?

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Re: WHERE is the RX10 review?

KelvinHammond wrote:

I would say that at the distance from the stage, and that the shots were mostly full body, I wouldn't expect to see subject isolation... I would expect to see compression.

Well, I regularly shoot either 85mm f1.8 at f2, or 80-200 f2.8 wide open on APS-C or full frame and even from about 3 to 4 times camera to subject distance and more compared to subject to background distance, the background  will be softened.  In fact, if I am not careful, I can even have parts of the subject slightly soft in focus.

Most of my shots are very similar in composition (subject distance, background distance) to Kent's, but my subject matter is somewhat different, being musicians and singers.  Nonetheless, that shouldn't change the fact that a small sensor camera will have difficulty, even at f2.8, in providing subject isolation when compared with an APS-C or full frame camera at the same aperture and similar focal length.

That's because the distance from camera to subject is greater then the distance of subject to background, probably by several x's.  Generally speaking, to get isolation, the opposite will be true - distance from camera to subject will be substantially less then subject to background, and still require a wide open aperture.

This is starting to get really complicated, but expressed as simply as I can let me say, "It's highly unlikely that I will get the subject isolation that I am used to if/when I swap over to the more convenient RX10, because it has a small sensor. It will, however, save a lot of lens or camera swapping."

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