charging with car's AC - how many devices can be charged

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charging with car's AC - how many devices can be charged


I am going on a road trip through NZ and I will be driving a lot and be out in the wild for extended periods of time doing photography work. I have a number of devices that need to be recharged by USB and it looks like my car's cigarette lighter may be the only option at times.

I have an inverter that changes the lighter into a 3 pronged standard plug and I also have a power strip. How many devices can I plug into this power strip to be charged by the car's AC port? Is there any danger there? Obviously I need to be cautious when the car is not running and not kill battery, but while driving; would I risk damage to devices or would it just not charge at all or charge very very slowly?

With the engine off would the power drain from car battery be the same regardless of the amount of items that I am charging?

Sadly these days, we are so dependent on rechargeable batteries. I will need to charge and power these items:


Batteries for Canon DSLR's

AA battery chargers for flash

macbook pro battery (4 yrs old so very little battery life as is...mostly just to keep running while downloading mem cards and backing up on external HD's)

Not completely necessary:



backup iphone battery

Ideally, at the same time while driving; I'd like to charge an iPod, charge DSLR camera batteries, and power a laptop while backing up onto an ext. HD.

thanks so much for the help and advice!



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