K30 fried after using in rain

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Re: K30 fried after using in rain

Simon Devlin wrote:

I copied this from another thread just to let you all know the outcome:

"Hello, I received a new K30 body today free of charge!

Pentax said they couldn't fix the fluid damage in the old one.

So cheers to Pentax and Johnsons Photopia (Pentax Sevice UK).

Does this deserve a new thread?

I did think of maybe selling this new unused and getting a K5II as I'll be frightened to use it again in the rain."

I would say consider it...and maybe make that the K5IIs instead.  It will have the odd shot with some moire but the added detail looks to be well worth that potentiality.

Should you sell it I would explain the whole thing about time remaining on warranty, if they can be xfer'd on your side of the pond.  I was also going to see if you are allowed to buy that extra 2-yr extended warranty Pentax sells here in the US.  We have to buy it in the first 30-days (I think it's 30-days?) and it adds 2-yrs additional to ouor 1-yr warranty.  Given the situation maybe they can make an exception for you or maybe you can still extended simply because you are w/i the 2-yr EU warranty period?  Assuming that the UK falls w/i that part of the EU agreements, I know it's an odd relationship between the UK & EU, sometimes it matters other times no...

But your idea is not a bad one if you can swing a K5 out of the deal.

No matter congrats on handling it smoothly and just letting it happen as it should.  And for kicking sand in the face of all those "jail house lawyers" claiming this and that about the wording wrt water damage v. WR...blah-blah-blah...so nice job!

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