70D user... need clarification with speedlites

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Re: 70D user... need clarification with speedlites

The 70D can handle flash in three main ways within the Canon system, and of course many others outside:

  • Built in flash
  • Built in flash triggering off camera Canon speedlight.  This is limited to IR and line of sight
  • Canon remote trigger (either radio or IR) depending on which flash unit you use.

In the second mode you have a lot of control from within the camera menu so that you can let the camera and flash interact to set exposure if you choose.  You can dial down the flash or dial it up from the camera which is very handy with off camera flash.   There are line of sight limitations for IR, but the radio really works well, but requires a small unit on the sync shoe to drive the off camera flash by radio.

Lots of options.  Really handy to let exposure system do it's thing.  Of course you can also set manually.

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