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Re: You guys have to get your story straight

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If an A8r came out with 54 mp full frame and in camera IBIS - wow. That would be light years ahead of anything.

Once the Sony/Olympus transaction is complete, Sony will have access to all the IP that once belonged exclusively to Olympus. So to me, that sounds like a logical thing.

So the company Sony bought to get into the DSLR, Minolta, happened to have pioneered IBIS. Not only that but Sony uses IBIS in its own current DSLR, even full frame ones. The basic technological knowledge has already been there for IBIS with Sony.

It's a bit like arguing Sony needs to acquire Panasonic to get full swivel LCDs in its mirrorless cameras. Sony already has the know-how, they just choose not to use it in their mirrorless cameras for marketing and technical reasons.

Sony MILC cameras of course do not use IBIS.

That's a bird, too.

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