if you had a digital camera with flawless clarity /detail/dynamic range would you be happy ?

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Re: if you had a digital camera with flawless clarity /detail/dynamic range would you be happy ?

Avobanana wrote:

What I really want is a floating mind control camera where I can basically take photos of any angle without the hassle of carrying it. That of course also needs to be coupled with a minimum resolution where I can zoom into the hair follicle of a subject about 1km away in a 16mm UWA shot.

Oh dynamic range should also be close to infinite where I can shoot into the sun and pull down the highlights to see those uneven bumps and wrinkles on the surface of the sun. Or when I shoot into the lens cap for a black frame I should be able to see the logo printed on the back of the lens cap. I mean we are really backward now that we can't do that.

Also about the zoom range...what about the Apollo's footprint on the moon?

You can be spot-on right that we are backward and primitive. Imagine what technology may exist say on a planet out there whose inhabitants are say 25,000 years ahead of us in time.

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