The Fuji XT-1 is out, and it's making me wonder what's next for Pentax....

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Re: EVF is poised to take over OVF

rwl408 wrote:

EVF is getting better and better as days go by and seems to be ready to compete with OVF in the enthusiastic DSLR market segment.

I think that in terms of viewfinder IQ we are seeing EVF reach parity with many of the OVF cameras. In the case of Oly, I think their EVFs may already be larger in the budget sector than their OVFs were in non-micro days. With EVFs, the size of the viewfinder isn't bound by the size of the format.

People has predicted that EVF will eventually take over OVF and Fujifilm's X-T1 indicates that the prediction is on the right track.

I predicted it a good while back. There was never a reason to think that technology wouldn't progress. The issue isn't so much the EVF anymore, but the speed of the AF system and refresh rates in low light. Even those have come leaps and bounds from 5 years ago.

In the case of the X-T1, it is a beautiful looking camera, but functionally wastes a lot of space with the ISO and shutter speed dials. Retro looks cool, but is functionally compromised.

My issue with all the mirrorless cameras is that nearly all of them are trying to be too small. They do it often at the expense of viewfinders, substantial grips, battery capacity, and real estate for controls. There will be a day when top pro cameras drop the mirror, but it won't be a camera the size of a cell phone mated with a 300 f/2.8.

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