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Reply - on reconsideration

minniev wrote:

I think it's a grand photo. I really like your approach to landscapes-with-people, something I have never mastered and probably never will. They are just the right distance away, located just right in the composition, just sharp enough and silhouetted enough to give the proper sense of scale. It has a cold-weather feel to it - there is a certain type of cold yellow light that is sometimes seen in winter, and I think you've captured it. The only quibble is the dark area at the bottom where there isn't enough detail to look at but I find myself trying anyway. Maybe it could be lightened a bit, or some of it left off.

On reconsideration of this image after the consistent comments about the darkish foreground, I believe that this would also have been an image fit for a 16:9 crop.

I filled the gallery of that walk with 4:3 and 16:9 images (sometimes of very similar views).

This could have been a crop-to-pano in order to make the foreground less heavy.

Like in this other one (not the same scene nor dog but you get the point):

OTOH, there was part of me that kinda liked that darkness in front, with the sunny scene behind it: a bit of danger lurking in the waters...

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