Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

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Re: Some real world examples of shutter shock, and other random thoughts.

Mr. Sincere,

Thanks for posting your latest pictures. The comparison of the zoomed shutter shock image to what the original image looks like with short release lag-time enabled is very much appreciated.

You're welcome!  I hoped they could be of use to someone.

Since you're experiencing shutter shock even with short release lag-time enabled, I've decided not to buy "any" camera that uses a mechanical shutter that doesn't have electronic first curtain shutter as an option. It's just not worth it to me to have to keep buying and returning bodies and/or lenses to find good copies, or to have to hold the camera in a certain way to "hope" that SS doesn't happen, or live with a certain percentage of SS problems.

I hear you.  In thinking about this later, I found myself wishing I'd grabbed my LX7 instead of my E-P5 when I took the sunrise photos.  And then I realized there's something very wrong when you feel like you can depend on your $250 camera more than your $700 camera.

That said, I think I'll probably still roll the dice on another Olympus, but this time from somewhere with a hassle free return policy.  There seems to be a bit of consensus that my EP5 is worse than is typical, based on the samples I've shared here.

What can I say... I just have a soft spot for Olympus cameras.  I love their design, build and ergonomics.

Good luck on your own search for your next camera.  

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