Another Olympus E-M1 and SONY a7 walkabout test, high ISO

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Re: Thanks for the truth!

blue_skies wrote:

Anders W wrote:

blue_skies wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Henry showing the difference between sensors

Lol, instead of 2x I will use 1.5x for A7 and 1.8x for A7r. So, at equivalency, the M1 will be slightly better?

Sorry but apparently you still didn't get it. As you can see from the diagram above, the E-M1 is about 1.5 EV ahead for equivalent images and about 0.5 EV behind for non-equivalent ones (same exposure, different DoF).

Hopefully, you also remember this part of our exchange:

Henry said: and the difference, even per DxO, they rate the ISO performance for the cameras as EM1/A7/A7r as 757/2248/2746. Two stops would have been 3028. So we all agree?

Anders W said: Not quite. While these figures too show the difference to be less than two stops, they underestimate the actual advantage of the E-M1 for equivalent images. The DR curve posted by Lab D provides a better indication with regard to shadow noise, which in turn is the most apparent problem in high ISO shooting. What the curves indicate is that the E-M1 is about 1.5 stops ahead of the A7/A7R for equivalent images (DoF held constant) and about 0.5 EV behind at the same exposure (and different DoF).

But the A7/r do allow trading DOF and noise.

So of course does the E-M1. It's just a matter of how far you want to take that trade. If, as a rule, you don't want more shallow DoF than you can get with a fast MFT prime, you will lose rather than gain signal-noise performance by choosing the A7/r.

We are only as relentless as you force us to be.

Lol, that is because you take every statement and keep adding and rebutting.

No that's because you persist, in the most arrogant manner (just look at your first reply to Lab D here) in repeating your factual errors.

Lab D has a history of being very arrogant to a number of specific people, including me, hence the tone of my response. Sorry if that hit a nerve, but I am merely responding to him.

Anyone can look through my history and see that is false.  Please stop resorting to insults. I invite everyone to look at your history too.  From the threads you started you have a clear agenda.

You never answered the simple question about the graph.  Anders has tried to help you too.

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