a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Re: what pressure?

NomadMark wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

miro3 wrote:

to match and outperform the Fuji X-T1 with the A7000 ( successor of the NEX-7)

I'm not sure what you think Sony should match or outperform. If we take sensors, for example, then Fuji is still using the old Sony 16MP sensor, and even A5000 is already using a newer better 20MP sensor. Obviously A7000 wouldn't be behind A5000.

Maybe, you are talking about body, ergonomics, etc. Then most people hope A7000 will retain the small rangefinder form factor, so it will definitely not match Fuji.

and the successor of the A7r.

This is a completely different category, which no APS-C camera can match, so it makes no sense bringing it into discussion.

How do you think Sony will respond?

Respond? Do they need to respond? To what, exactly?

Fuji is using a Sony 16mp sensor?! Ummmm...no. Fuji is using a Fuji 16mp sensor, that seems to beat the pants of Sony's 16mp sensor. At least as far as I know. Different right down to the pixel layout.

I'd be interested to know where you're getting this from and if you could provide anything more to back up either of your claims?

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