a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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I have the feeling that you are trying to draw me into a protracted argument by pretending that my position is somehow inconsistent. Sorry, it isn't and I'm not biting on the argument so I guess I will end it here

Let's do that, because really everyone is out to get you, and it's just impossible that someone could disagree with you, and doesn't see a need to immediately sell everything because of the styling of new E mount cameras.

I'm glad you are happy with the situation that NEX users find themselves in, but I find that sentiment very strange and I suspect that you are in the minority

I don't really understand what dire situation you think NEX users are in, and I can't say why you find it significant that the NEX-5 replacement is called A5000. But carry on suspecting all you like.

Take care.

Don't worry about our dear paranoid friend pp. About a dozen different people have told him the same thing but he still believes he's right and the whole world is wrong.

The clearest division of the camera categories I can find is on the Sony UK site. They have merged A and E mount cameras, splitting them into 3 categories:

Casual shooting - NEX-5T, A3000, A5000, A58, A65 (A65 surprised me but whatever)

Advanced amateur - NEX-6, NEX-7 and A77

Expert capability - A7, A7R, A99

So I'll hazard a guess that the A7000 number will actually be reserved for the 5T replacement. Sony have said at their blogs that the A5000 is not a 5 replacement, but a 3 replacement.

I think the NEX-6 and 7 replacements will actually be numbered A5 / A5R. Just my guess.

I think warranted skepticism is more appropriate for a description of PP. Wish you could see other opinions on these discussions without the complacent Sony fanatic attitude.

So far, all our predictions have come true. PP has been wrong about everything, trying to insist Sony are doing everything possible to switch and compress and destroy their successful formula. Our predictions weren't rocket science, they were merely of the humble 'what came before will come in the future' variety. NEX-3 is for sure - replacement was A5000; NEX-5 has official word from Sony it will be replaced and like duh, best selling camera of any mirrorless in Japan; NEX-6/7 look very likely to be announced at CP+.

All of his predictions are the opposite: A5000 is the replacement for 3 and 5 which means 5 is dead; NEX-6/7 will have humps; A7 means APS-C is being abandoned; Sony is picking new designs as if at random with no consideration of what worked in the past... a ludicrously incompetent understanding of how businesses work, and proven wrong time and time again.

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