Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

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Re: my thoughts ...

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

Some of the photos that were not well received here I decided to share with family and friends etc. in my Winter Wonderful Land Flickr Slideshow (16 photos) anyway. In some cases you turned out to be right. However, the three photos shown below were very well received elsewhere in spite of the luke warm response they generated here.

I really like the slide show in general ... very nicely done. But these three images are definitely the dogs of the bunch.

Thanks. Good to know that most the shots I liked are considered decent.

The following photo is busy and severely overexposed. The scene itself is nice, but the photo is not, if you get my drift.

I know I have lots to learn.

You family liked the scene and probably did not give a second thought to the technical issues. Enter it in a contest and you get slaughtered.

This has already happened to me which is part of the reason I started this thread.

The following image is just dull. It needs contrast and saturation to be interesting at all.

This was originally 16x9

In other words I have to consider this a shot that will only have value if I make it into something different than what I saw when I was there?

The following is also dull, but its biggest issue is that the barn faces to the right and yet is crowded on that side. The eye wants to see what is in front of a moving animal, where a person is looking, or what has come out of the barn if anything. To just see the edge of the frame is jarring, while lots of empty space behind the barn is totally wasted in the frame.

Thanks for reinforcing what others have said in different ways.

if you don't mind, I have played with it a wee bit to show you what I mean ...

Don't mind at all.

Basically, make the image about the barn ...

My initial thought was to make it about the barn *in the winter time*.  Clearly the consensus is that my instinct was wrong about that.

I'm not a fan of how yellow you made the left side of the barn. I assume you did that in an attempt to simulate sunshine?

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