a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

parallaxproblem wrote:

GaryW wrote:

The rumour suggestion was $800 body only which means $900 with lens vs $600 for the A5000

I don't see any room for an in-between model there if it's true

Why not? There could be an A6000 for say $750 with lens ($650 without lens) and that would fint nicely inbetween, as the Nex3 and Nex 5 were allways rather close together.

And if Sony *had* wanted a NEX-5 like camera in the new range then they would have called the NEX-5T the A6000 or something, wouldn't they?

Why? They decided that the Nex 5t was not enough of an update for the new name, so they decided to stick with the old name for a while... Look at the A5000 how great an update that is compared with the Nex 3n!

It was released at the same time as the A3000 (rather strange to have an Ax000 model and a NEX released simultaneously) and early models of the NEX-5T were labelled as A5000 so seemingly Sony don't want the NEX-5 in the new range. Go figure...

That is your conspiricy consept. It is very well possible that Sony will come with a Nex 5t successor at the end of the year, call it A6000 or whatever and we have a nice range again. And who knows there will be an A7000 (Nex 6 successor) and an A8000 (or A9000) too with more Nex 7 features... But it is said by many reviewers that they did not understand why Sony came with both the Nex 6 and Nex 7 as those cameras are very close together in many ways...

Yes, I also think Sony are trying to force NEX-7 users to upgrade to the A7... like they are maybe trying to force NEX-5 users to buy the more expensive A7000 or possibly an EVF-less A5... but it's not really thought through on their part as they don't really recongnise 'system owners' in their customer model and think everybody is buying Sony cameras 'for the first time' so this 'forcing' is unconscious(!)

No company can force custommers! Sony will not do so. Personaly I think that Sony made with the pricing of the A7 it very hard to create space for a Nex 7 successor in the price class the Nex 7 was in. So it does make sense that Sony is comming with a sort of inbetween the Nex 6 and Nex 7. But again we have to see.

As for the Nex-6, there was always a close overlap between this and the 7, at least in theory.

My guess is that the A7000 will replace the old Nex-5x and Nex-6 camera lines.

Rather tough for NEX-7 users. What will guys like NZMacro and JPR2 do?

Maybe using their cameras for a little longer? The take excelent pictures with them, so why would they buy a new camera? Not everybody buys every few years a camera!

Fuji are sitting waiting to gulp those photographers...

And what has Fuji to offer that focus as fast or faster then the Nex 7? Only a camera with a hump!

If the A7000 has an EVF then it's not really a replacement for the NEX-5 either...

Put it in your brain: The A7000 (if it is called that way) is NOT the successor of the Nex 5t! It is the successor of the Nex 6 and/or nex 7

It's quite probable that they have a replacement that may or may not have all of the features you are looking for and may have new features. But saying that there is "no replacement" because it might not tick all of your boxes seems a bit overly dramatic.

A5000 is not a replacement for the NEX-5, and by your own admission the A7000 will probably not really be a replacment for the NEX-7...

The A5000 is not the Nex 5t successor, right, it is the Nex 3n successor. But in fact it has many of the same features as the Nex 5t, in a cheaper body. When the original Nex 3 looked like this camera I had probably a Nex 3 and not a Nex 5! So for some the A5000 can be a good replacement for the Nex 5x.

For the A7000 we have to wait and see what kind of camera it will be, who knows is it more a Nex 7 update (with tri-navi) then a Nex 6 update. Remember all we know is from a rumor side that was not very informative lately when it comes to new cameras...

Of course. The point of this thread is whether Fuji are putting pressure on Sony. My point is that Sony's lack of understanding of their customers - as illustrated by their seeming disinterest in including them in their re-organised product range will effectively drive many of them to Fuji and other companies

Maybe Sony is not understanding you, but I think they understands the majority of their custommers very well. That does not say they will do everything those custommers wants (that is impossible) but they understand them. The problem is that some of us do not understand Sony!

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