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Dave: about the only "bell" I need from the N7 mk-II would be...

Dave Wyman wrote:

If a successor to my NEX-7 comes out with lot bells and whistles that I would like to have with a camera, even if it lacks AF as fast as other cameras, I'll be first in line to buy it.

...the fast and accurate AF - quick enough for really dynamic action shooting/tracking. For about 70% of all I shoot my 2 years old N7-classic mk-I is still plenty enough, but... I do miss the remaining 30% (temporarily this gap is being served by over 4 years old 7d = excellent camera with outstanding AF, but... it is big and heavy).

So... should N7 mk-II fail to deliver the kind of AF I'm waiting for, and esp. IFF XT-1 will turn out in real life (i.e. not only on paper) to be equipped with a topmost AF performer, then the only thing to keep me with N7 mk-I would be its lack of that obnoxious hump (in other words, should N7 mk-II be humped, there won't be much reason for me to stay with Sony's E-mount bodies),


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