Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Thanks! Another doom & gloom thread...

tqlla wrote:

EvilOne wrote:

My question is why are these doom and gloom people here ( in this Sony forum)?

If I was so disenchnted with Sony as these boo birds seem to be, why are they here and not out shoioting with their new choice of a better system? The whole Idea about life ( the secret of life ) is to be happy. You have to be one miserable person to obsess daily over a camera manufacturer making that much impact on your life.

Are they here to try to convince themselves and are looking for support, or are they here to try to convince us? The funny thing is that none of us here are buying what they are selling, but they still hang out here, and nothing short of putting them on ignore , makes coming here a pleasant experience. Unless of course their mission is to show just how insecure they are, and just are pessimistic people looking to rain on the party.

I don't know about most people but I've had lots of fun with my A mount stuff, and my photography in genera over the last 50 years, and hope to continue doing so, but if the A mount was to dry up tomorrow I would still have fun with my photography.

As sick as I am , I have a much better outlook on life than those who come here with the attitude that its the end of the world if Sony drops the A mount. You want to see the end of the world , take a look at the big picture through my eyes, because I can see it.

Bill aka EO

I wish I were wrong. I am here looking for something that would prove me wrong. The people who post "Proof that Sony is committed to building Amount Camera's" are insecure.

  1. K E Hoffman, sent out Tweet to the president of Sony, looking for reassurance.... and we all saw how he choked on the answer.
  2. came out with some Pro Photographers Reference website.... no Amount camera's to be found.
  3. Sony was a huge sponsor of the PPA show. Then you look at their ad, and its a huge A7r ad... even though its an Professional Photographers show, sony was there for the A7r, not the A99
  4. Then there is the Alpha A3000

YOU, would rather put people on ignore than admit that you were wrong. YOU put me on ignore, when you claimed that was trying to phish for credit card information... by offering Adobe CS6 for $187. AMAZON!

I contacted Amazon and Adobe with quotes from you and both told me it was a scam.... So who would you believe?

The people I contacted from both Amazon and Adobe where customer service people. unfortunately not every segment of an organizations know what going on in another segment. If you notice, you are not on ignore any more. FYI we are now recognizing a lot of scammers and counterfeiters are coming out of the walls at Amazon . lots of You tube allocations... my only intent was to make people aware that Amazon Customer S and Adobe Customer S had no clue of any deals. Actually I cared too much, why should I care one way or the other if people on this forum are ripped off, the unfortunate thing is , " I do care "

I've also said that if Sony lives or dies tomorrow it would not be the end of the world for former Minolta and Sony people. My point was; " too much obsession over a freeking camera company and what they may or may not do.

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