a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

GaryW wrote:

The A5000 is $600 with lens. It's not clear to me what the price would be for the A7000 or exactly what will be in it. If it's $800 or $900 with lens, then maybe you're right, that there's no room for another model. In the previous round, the Nex-6 was, what, $900 to $1000 and now $800 and I forget what the Nex-7 sold for originally, but now it's $1,250. If the A7000 is a replacement for the 6 and 7 and is sold for $800, then sure, there is no room between an A5000 and A7000, but it is still unclear what these next model(s) will be, much less the pricing.

The rumour suggestion was $800 body only which means $900 with lens vs $600 for the A5000

I don't see any room for an in-between model there if it's true

And if Sony *had* wanted a NEX-5 like camera in the new range then they would have called the NEX-5T the A6000 or something, wouldn't they?   It was released at the same time as the A3000 (rather strange to have an  Ax000 model and a NEX released simultaneously) and early models of the NEX-5T were labelled as A5000 so seemingly Sony don't want the NEX-5 in the new range.  Go figure...

But if Sony wanted to, I think they could come out with two models to replace the 6 and 7. It makes sense to me for them to combine them, and encourage people to move up to the A7 if they want a higher-end model. A Nex-6/7 replacement with a 20mp sensor would be a nice upgrade for Nex-5 and 6 users, while Nex-7 users could be encouraged to move to the A7. Maybe that's Sony's strategy here, or maybe not, but that would be my guess, if there's only one more model.

Yes, I also think Sony are trying to force NEX-7 users to upgrade to the A7...  like they are maybe trying to force NEX-5 users to buy the more expensive A7000 or possibly an EVF-less A5...   but it's not really thought through on their part as they don't really recongnise 'system owners' in their customer model and think everybody is buying Sony cameras 'for the first time' so this 'forcing' is unconscious(!)

What is left to add to the 5T but ever-smaller improvements? Besides, the 5T is still pretty new; presumably it will be for sale for a while, should someone want it.

There is a lot of scope for improvement on the 5T...  but that is a whole new thread!

As for the Nex-6, there was always a close overlap between this and the 7, at least in theory.

My guess is that the A7000 will replace the old Nex-5x and Nex-6 camera lines.

Rather tough for NEX-7 users.  What will guys like NZMacro and JPR2 do?   Fuji are sitting waiting to gulp those photographers...

If the A7000 has an EVF then it's not really a replacement for the NEX-5 either...

It's an open question whether or not the A7000 will look more like the Nex-6/7 or the A7.

Agreed.  I used the word 'if'

If that is an essential requirement, then so be it. Personally, I'm fine with my Nex-6's construction.

It is personal.  I chose the 5R over the 6 for several reasons but one was that the 5R felt more solid to me (it isn't as the construction is the same, but the size was more forgiving of the amount of plastic).  NEX-7 feels much nicer to me than the NEX-6 and I would probably pony-up the difference if I had to choose, but that is just me

It's quite probable that they have a replacement that may or may not have all of the features you are looking for and may have new features. But saying that there is "no replacement" because it might not tick all of your boxes seems a bit overly dramatic.

A5000 is not a replacement for the NEX-5, and by your own admission the A7000 will probably not really be a replacment for the NEX-7...

Perhaps, but you actually have to then live with the problems and limitations of whatever system you go into. Don't tell me there aren't limitations and risks with the other systems!

The thing is, different cameras and brands have different advantages and disadvantages; choose the camera that has the features you like and where you don't mind the limitations so much.

Of course.  The point of this thread is whether Fuji are putting pressure on Sony.  My point is that Sony's lack of understanding of their customers - as illustrated by their seeming disinterest in including them in their re-organised product range will effectively drive many of them to Fuji and other companies

The A3000 wasn't for you or me, but I think it was worth it for them to try it and see if it would work for someone. I don't have to be interested in all Sony cameras; only a couple really interest me. And, it sounds like they're about to release a camera to replace the 6/7 range.

Now, if Sony drops all rangefinder styles or upgrade paths for the rangefinder-style Nexes, as I think had been suggested in the past, then I'd agree, that'd be very disappointing. But, it seems that Sony is trying to vary the designs a bit more, but still is including the rangefinder style. So, we'll just have to see how it goes.

Agreed.  We have to wait and see...

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