Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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Re: You nailed the problem with Sony right now.

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Everybody wants a... lens, until they see the price and size of it.

Look at the latest e-mount lenses. The prices are all over $1000 and the sizes are often bigger than their DLSR FF counterparts.

Who want to put a larger lens on a small body making is almost the same size as DSLR that has a working focus system? Why not get the DSLR that can focus and that has real grip? You will even save money do those insane Sony lens prices.

Sony needs to go back to the APS size lenses and prices.

My NEX-7...provides a couple of very useful manual focusing aids that actually do help me to focus the camera. If I had a DSLR, I would not...

You would not need focus aids. You could focus in low light quickly and you could focus on moving objects. Sony does offer an adapter that fixes the focus deficiencies.

... Every camera will focus every now and then on the wrong subject...

There is a difference between missing "every now and then" and "ALWAYS".

And the E-mount cameras ar not ALWAYS missing the focus, I have thousandsa of pictures to proof that. Most pictures I take ar in focus and focused on the spot I wanted it!

Can you imagine a sports photographer trying to make a living with an A7?

You are twisting my words! I never said that the A7 is good for a sports photographer! I said that most photographers do not need the super fast autofocus. That most pictures of sport games of kids were taken with the super slow focussing mobile phones and P&S cameras. A professional will not use a tool that is not fit for the job, you won't see him with a Rebel or a D3000 either. Those DSLRs are not good for the job too!

Let's see how many E-mount cameras are on the sidelines this Sunday.

At the moment there are none professional sports photographers who use a mirrorless camera, not even the ones that are focussing the fastest of all. The all rely on the equeptment made for that purpose. Most of us are not willing to pay the price for those cameras. The A7(r) is priced in a way that we normal people can buy it and get excelent pictures of most of the things we take pictures of. The pictures will be sharp, and with very nice collors....

I am sure with some manual focus aids they would feel better.

What ever you say!

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