Do You Use the Neck Strap?

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jrtrent wrote:

Mark_A wrote:

I use the neck strap around my neck every time I use my camera.

Same here. In fact, part of the shopping process for me, when I can find a product locally, is to try it out in the store with the neck strap to see how comfortably it rides along as I walk.

But I also like to hang it off my shoulder and this does not work so well.

It usually slips off my shoulder, which is no good.

I find it convenient to have the camera at my side when just walking from one place to another and not actively looking for something to take a picture of. I just use the regular strap, slipping my right arm through the strap and shifting the camera to my right side. The strap is supported by my left shoulder and neck. It can't slip off and I find it very comfortable and secure. Having the camera in this position also helps put those around me at ease; if I'm in a crowded area or in part of a tour where photography is not permitted, people can see that while I have a camera with me, I'm not currently taking pictures with it.

Hi jrtrent,

So let me understand properly.

You have the strap over your left shoulder and the camera at your right hip, so the strap comes across your body. If my understanding is right then I also sometimes do this, it is a comfy way to carry a camera.

What I would like though is to be able to hang the camera from my right shoulder with the camera by my right hip. With the strap hanging down my right hand side. But the strap I have is a neck strap and it slips off my shoulder when I do that. Apparently I can buy a shoulder strap specifically for this. Might ask for it as a birthday present or something.


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