Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

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Re: Some real world examples of shutter shock, and other random thoughts.

Mr Sincere wrote:

budajoe69 wrote:

My heart goes out to anyone experiencing this issue.

I've recently purchased the E-P5, and I'm pleased to report no such issue -- I've tried the 45mm (90mm FL) Pan Leica, both with the IBIS and lens IS, and I've also tried an adapted voigtlander 50mm F1.1 (100mm FL on m4/3) and nothing doing -- didn't see it come up even once -- I covered the shutter speed range of 1/80 - 1/250 and did see anything unsual.

Camera's IBIS is remarkable. I'm curious if we did a poll on the owners of E-P5's, how many would report having this problem.



Thanks for sharing, and thanks for not being the type to say "my camera is fine, you're obviously incompetent!"

And that's encouraging to hear about your EP5, as I'm still tempted to try another.

Have you actively looked for shutter shock, as in zooming to 100% on your photos and looking for vertical doubling?

I'm certainly not second guessing your assertion. I'm more just curious if this is something that can be overlooked if you're not looking for it, and also to reassure myself that it IS possible get an EP5 that doesn't have issues.

As time goes on I see more and more evidence that this phenomenon is significantly variable between cameras of the same type.  Your OP photos look like about as bad as it gets.  It just cannot be that all EP5s are like that!


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