Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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Re: I didnt say all

Lumixdude wrote:

NB:I didn't say all... those are your words... What I stated was the more i read about this, the more I realise Fuji and Sony have AF issues with MILCs as well. That statement does not infer ALL cameras they make do, or ALL MILCs do, it just seems you here a lot less about the problem from other manufacturers than you do about Canon. Although, there are a lot of people giving Canon a hard time in general right now...

-There are AF focus issues with all cameras and the af issues with Sony have been well and truly discussed on this and the Sony SLR forum. I don't really follow Canon news, I know their top end cameras had issues tracking fast moving stuff (about 5 years ago) that resulted in many Canon sports specialist users going Nikon who apparently did this better. I was under the impression that Canon has fixed the issue. Apart from that, the only Canon focus issues I have heard of are the same limitations on pdaf and cdaf that everyone has.

I think you are making the mistake of trying to find one camera that will do everything for you. It doesn't exist. I solved (well. for the moment) my problems by now thinking of cameras as disposable consumer items that will al rapidly become outdated. I now have several cameras and simply pick up off the shelf the one I want for a particular job. I keep the prices in check by buying second hand soon after the model I buy has a new model released. That way there has also been lots of time for everyone to have thoroughly posted/sorted out/evaluated before I make my decision.

pS. I solve my af issues by only using mf (and this is very good on most Sonys) or centre spot auto focus (which is always quite fast, it is the other focus modes that get iffy. I then just recompose. I got used to this mode of focus years ago with film and and centre prism view rf and it is still ridiculously easy and fast)
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