Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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Re: You nailed the problem with Sony right now.

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Everybody wants a... lens, until they see the price and size of it.

Look at the latest e-mount lenses. The prices are all over $1000 and the sizes are often bigger than their DLSR FF counterparts.

Who want to put a larger lens on a small body making is almost the same size as DSLR that has a working focus system?

Yes the AF is slower then that of a DSLR but it is working...

DPR said that now even Fujis focus faster making Sony one of the slowest on the market. Then there is the fact that no e-mount can focus on a fast moving subject. Alpha mount cameras can, and if you buy a special adapter it fixes the e-mount focus problem.

But Sony still focus very well, just as I said, not everybody needs very fast focus. Many people are happy with their very slow focussing smartphones, or P&Ss to take pictures of their kids sport game. And where does DPR say that the Fuji focus faster? It say: "If that is the case, , it's an impressive improvement over early X-series camera" No word about Sony and no claim about the focus speed at all... Reading what you want to read is different from reading what is written...

Why not get the DSLR that can focus and that has real grip? You will even save money do those insane Sony lens prices.

Why not get a DSLR? Wel try to put a DSLR with a zoom lens in your pocket...

What e-mount camera fits in a pocket with one of the $1000 FE lenses? You made my point that Sony needs to go back to smaller cheaper lenses that people actually will buy.

Again: reading what you want to read is different from reading what is written. Sony has some nice small lenses, not to expensive, that fits without adapter on the E-mount cameras and do focus there. Theser lenses are still in productiopn, so you can buy them new and then you can fit your camera in your pocket if you want (look at the 16-50mm, the 16mm and 20mm pancake, the 35mm 1.8 lens) And the 35 2.8 lens will fit in your pocket too...

Sony needs to go back to the APS size lenses and prices.

The FF lenses are for their FF cameras and are usable on the APS cameras too.

But you said, they don't fit in a pocket, so you don't like them.

First I said nothiong about liking or disliking the FE lenses (please read my answer befor you post) I said you have a choice with the E-mount a choice you dan't have with a DSLR. A DSLR with the same chip size is always a lot larger and heavier then the E-mount cameras like the Nex 3/5/6/7. You don't have to go out with your $1000, larger lenses every time...

They cost $1000 and make your camera close to DSLR size, but with out the nicer grip and without the better focus system...and you end up paying more for getting so much less.

In fact they don't make your camera DSLR size. The DSLR body will allways be bigger and heavier then the comparable E-mount body! Remember the camera you have with you takes better pictures then the camera you left at home...

Those expensive lenses are expensive for one reason: QUALITY! You pay for the high quality, in fact according to DXO the Sony lens is better then the more expensive Nikon 58 f1.4 lens and it is lighter too, and in most ways smaller... So

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