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Re: you can't add it up that way

paulkienitz wrote:

John_A_G wrote:

paulkienitz wrote:

I did see some of those numbers, in a spreadsheet grid from BCN, and I concluded that the overall ILC shares for 2013 in Japan were... -- damn, I've lost the data I was saving.

[update] I found it in an old thread.

Canon: 29.4 (DSLR) + 3.7 (M) = 33.1% share (units, not money)
Nikon: 25.4 (DSLR) + 3.8 (1) = 29.2%
Sony: 1.9 (SLT) + 10.6 (E) = 12.5%
Olympus: 11.7%
Pentax: 3.1 (DSLR) + 3.9 (Q,K01) = 7.0%
Panasonic: 5.7%
all others combined, including Fuji and Samsung: 0.8%

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Paul - you cannot simply combine percentages from the two different categories to get a TOTAL ILC market share. Those aren't the same sized "pies". You would need $ or units, added together. You can't just add percentages.

Those are percentages of the total market, on both sides. Already accounted for.

Paul where did you see unit data?  Any data I've seen is market share % stictly by 2 distinct categories:  DSLR and Mirrorless.   I suspect the number above may have come from someone's faulty attempt at combining % values from those 2 categories without the unit or % data behind it.

I see on Thom Hogan's site he uses a figure that Mirorrless is about 20% of the DSLR market.  No idea where he got that figure from.  But this is the danger with charts and graphs - you can use bad data or bad logic and come up with faulty information.  I'd prefer to see some official % or unit numbers from BCN.  But just because I put a graph or chart together doesn't mean it's valid.  And I can't find anywhere on the net where $ or units are provided or where BCN provided a total market share with DSLR and mirrorless combined.

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