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Re: Sigma 30mm instead?

G1Houston wrote:

mh2000 wrote:

The thing I learned about equipment is that sometimes you just have to jump in and try something to see if it really works in practice for you

May be.  In the old days, we bought a camera with a kit of three prime lenses, wide, normal, and short tele.  This teaches us what a given focal length lens is for.  This may be lost nowadays when most start out with a zoom lens.

When a single prime is typically used as a "walk about," it means that you can, well sort of, zoom with your feet.  However as the focal length increases, you will quickly run out space to walk in tight space.  This is why FF eq of 35-50mm is most commonly used as a walk about.  40mm-ish focal length is also considered to be the closest to human field of view.  However, if you mostly use the lens outdoors, then you will run into this problem less.  By all means, if the 30mm Sigma is cheap and good, go for it.

Yup, I started with the film and a 35, 50 and 90. I always thought of myself as a "50 guy." That's why I was leary of the 30mm FL for m43... until I got it and started using it.

Robert Capa said, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”

The slightly longer FL of 30mm vs. 25mm has kind of made my photos a little "closer."

I couldn't foresee this had I not just jumped in and tried the lens.

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