Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

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Re: Some real world examples of shutter shock, and other random thoughts.

Actually, yes...I did the pixel peeping...both by zooming in to 14x magnified view on the LCD, and then view those same pics on a 27" monitor -- seems clean as far I can tell; my cam seems free from this issue.

I would love to try a 75mm lens (150 equiv) and see how it fares -- I've tried 25mm lens (50mm eq) and there wasn't anything unusual.

I think that if you can be more or less certain that's it not your hand holding technique, and if the issue occurs repeatedly, I would try a new cam.

Also, I do not have the shutter delay thingy, or whatever it's called (not sure the official tech name of it) enabled -- it's currently off.

It's shame that this issue is scaring off potential buyers of this model pen -- assuming the issue is only random, I would try my hand once more with a different copy -- hoping that those that are having problems are still within their return window.

Without this issue, this pen is just an unbelievable little machine -- so versatile & incredible powerful.

Best luck to all.

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