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Re: Not sure diff between DSLR and ILC makes a lot of sense

John_A_G wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

My claim is that Ricoh Imaging has a chance of doing it (in the intermediate term); not that it already happened nor that it's certain. They barely started moving, e.g. the K-3 was launched last autumn.

But I think a global 10% DSLR market share is not an impossible target.

In 2010, when Hoya was busy working on selling Pentax; should we judge Ricoh Imaging's future based on that?


Alex - It is absolutely possible for Ricoh to make up market share. My point was I believe you minimalized Sony's market position too much.

I don't think I did.

I also submit that DSLR market share isn't all that relevant - what Ricoh needs to pay attention to is ILC market share.

The DSLR:MILC ratio is over 4:1, so it's quite relevant. This means that a second tier (volume-wise) DSLR player can compete with a MILC leader.

If this ratio would shift significantly in MILC's favour, it would become harder or even impossible. We're not seeing any signs of this happening.

If Sony would make a breakthrough with their SLTs, same story. It's not happening, either.

Their target needs to be 10% ILC market share not 10% DSLR market share.

5% of the DSLR market share equals, volume-wise, to about Sony's share in MILCs. Another 5% should more than make up for the SLTs... unless the SLTs are much more successful outside Japan (which I doubt).

But will they make it?

If they're going to make any type of push in EITHER they're going to have to step up marketing big time. They're going to have to get more brick and mortar presence for cameras and lenses. You can't be a big player when everyone has to buy your products sight unseen. At least in the US it means when people walk into a Best Buy or Walmart they see Pentax ILCs and lenses. If Ricoh is not going to have big-box presence they're not going to pick up significant market share. I can't speak to European market but at least here in the US that presence is important.

They are working on that, and progress has been observed.


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