Another Olympus E-M1 and SONY a7 walkabout test, high ISO

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Re: Another Olympus E-M1 and SONY a7 walkabout test, high ISO

Daniel Wee wrote:

I used the default sharpening in LR for the post-processing. Unfortunately I didn't have time to optimize them - I thought keeping them default would at least let us know where we can go from there.

First of all, thanks for taking the time to do these comparisons.  And ignore the nit-picking, I find your approach to be fine.

Regarding sharpening, I don't have the EM1 but I have the similar EM5.  And in some way even RAW files from it seem to have had an odd sharpening or contrast applied.  So that foliage against the sky, for example, can seem too speckly.

When opening in ACR I find reducing the 'clarity' to varying extents helps.  Otherwise, even default sharpening can seem oddly over-sharpened.

Thanks again,

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