Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

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Re: My opinion

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

windriver wrote:

I don't care for the first photo. To me, it doesn't "say" anything. I have trouble finding a central point of interest in it.

Thanks very much for that. This is exactly the type of thing I want to discuss in this thread. You are not the first or second photographer to give me that same feedback on that specific photo. Yet, it didn't seem to bother the multiple people who singled that photo out as one of their favorites from my Winter Wonderful Land Flickr Slideshow (16 photos).

I think that in a place like dpreview, compared to the general public, you may find more people who know exactly why they do or do not like a particular photo. Instead of 'this one is nice, that one is nice too, and I like this one...' you will get more useable feedback.

Of course that's not always true - there are posters who call every photo 'nice' or worse yet praise them as masterpieces, however mundane.

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