Muted prints... Is it my RGB profile?

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Re: Muted prints... Is it my RGB profile?

mike earussi wrote:

charley5 wrote:

mike earussi wrote:

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I am using the Epson 3880. My monitor is calibrated. I have been using the manufacturer's ICC profile, and I have posted everything on the printer forum as well. The issue is why my prints appear to be more muted (neutral colored) than the lab prints?

What printer and paper are they using? Also try doing a test (I did): print the same image using all three profiles and see if you can see any difference. I used to use Adobe RGB exclusively figuring it was "good enough," but out of curiosity I printed the same photo using ProPhoto RGB as well (you have to save it that way from the raw file).

They both looked the same on my monitor, not too surprising as no monitor is capable of showing the larger ProPhoto RGB color gamut, but there was a slight improvement in the reds (greater depth and saturation) with the ProPhoto RGB than with Adobe RGB. So now all my new work (as it's too much trouble to reprocess from scratch all the thousands of older files) is now saved in ProPhoto RGB.

That's a good point Mike. I am now saving all my images as ProPhotoRGB. The problem with that is that I load the saved jpg into Photoshop as a layer and then add several other layers to give it an artistic, textured look. The results can be spectacular (although natural). But when I save (the blended layers) as a jpg image, it once again reverts into sRBG, so the process is not an appropriate one for me.


Charles, since I know that layers will work with tiffs, I'm not trying to be thick headed when I ask why you're using jpegs at all instead of tiffs? Are you using some special process that only works with jpegs and so you're stuck with them regardless?

No, it is just that i am dealing with thousands of pictures. It is a more a space / storage issue...

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