Do You Use the Neck Strap?

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Not anymore

IGotShot wrote:

Do you guys use the neck strap that came with the camera?

To me it's always a pain in the ass but saves the camera from being dropped. Also, having a strap seems touristy

No, it's not a pain in the rear but IS a pain in the neck!  Years ago I switched to an OpTech ProLoop.  A couple years ago, however, I switched to a Black Rapid strap, and this is all I use now.  A sling strap has a couple advantages.  First, it removes the strain from your neck (and back if you have the camera hanging from your chest).  Second, it makes it impossible for the strap to fall off your shoulder.  I find it much more comfortable than a neck strap.

The Black Rapid does utilize the tripod mount; I don't mind this - if I'm carrying my camera by the strap it's because I'm not using a tripod.  Bottom line though, I'll never go back to a neck strap.


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