a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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re: still about two weeks to go, and... PERHAPS we'll know

captura wrote:

And I am hoping it is the NEX- type rangefinder style.

same here, but... there are several possible caveats (remember, I'm waiting for N7 upgrade, not N6):

  • that - despite the fact that APS-C sensor can perfectly cohabit with the LHC built-in OLED EVF - it will be humped !!
  • that the so called N6/N7 replacement will go the N6 way = lots of plastic & little metal in the construction (just like in the a5000), reduced configurability again akin more to N6 than to N7;
  • and perhaps even a reduced cropability due to either to low-res sensor (more inline with N6, than N7), or OSPDAF eating lots of the 24 Mpx without compensating for PD sensels by increase in the sensor's resolution;

and last, but not least - the XT-1 has supposedly risen the bar of AF speed quite high. Too little time till mid Feb for S. to respond to XT-1, so... either they already do have something truly good and amazing for OSPDAF, or... it is gonna to be yet another OSPDAF from S. failing to deliver


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