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Re: Roman and Rservello

Alan Brown wrote:

I think you are both right.. it semantics

In camera conversion is not going to fit all circumstances.. even if you do like the output mostly

However, you could shoot in B&W.. that gives you the advantage of seeing the tones on the LCD at least. where the contrast is lying...

Rservello is saying that you are not tied to those exposures if you shoot RAW.. that's his point (I think)

I think you're both right..

RomanJohnston wrote:

Rservello wrote:

I was replying to someone that said in camera B&W conversion wasn't good. Well if you are shooting RAW it doesn't matter.

I am the one that said that. I was actually talking about how the features in the camera or in the features in ACR were not very good at converting a color picture into a B&W. RAW has nothing to do with the output of a conversion from the camera or via ACR.

I am saying the process of a well though out conversion will always blow away the automatic conversions.

Starting from RAW data will always give you a wonderful starting place....and a place to come back to if you flub it up...of course.

But not sure how having RAW data makes it not matter. The only thing that truly matters (besides a good quality exposure) is your process of creating a B&W from the color capture.


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Exactly.  I actually shoot UniWB with a custom PC to make my histogram reflect what the shot will be once it is white balanced.  I don't even look at the image when I look at my LCD I look at the histogram to make sure the exposure is correct.  I don't believe in hunting for the shot with the LCD...I shoot and just check exposure when I look at the LCD...  I already saw the shot in the viewfinder.  UniWB is also nice tho, because it is basically black and white...or shades of green.  It doesn't distract you with color...only tones.  BUT, that said.  The only thing you can trust is a histogram.  I have plenty of times that the image on the LCD looks over or underexposed...and yet the Histo is perfect...get it on the computer and its exactly how I wanted it.  I honestly wish there was a histogram only view.  I would use that if it existed.

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