Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

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Re: Some real world examples of shutter shock, and other random thoughts.

Alien from Mars wrote:

Mr Sincere wrote:

I was kinda hoping this thread would fade off the front page and into obscurity, but since others are bumping it, I might as well too...

Honestly, at typical screen viewing size nobody would ever notice, so I shouldn't worry about it. But still... it bugs me. I see the blur now, even at normal viewing sizes.

If I were you I would return this camera while you can. It's not worth it trying to find workarounds and cripple your options just because of a faulty camera body.

I tend to agree.  I'm actually kicking myself for not sending it back Monday morning, like I first planned.  I bought 2nd hand, and the conversation/transaction went something like this:

Me:  "Great price on that camera.  Are you familiar with the shutter shock issue?  Have you ever noticed any?  If I notice it, can I return it?"

Them:  "I'm familiar with the issue, but I've never noticed it on any photo I've taken.  However, I can't accept a return if you notice it.  Here are some example photos that show no signs of shutter shock."

Me (officially being stupid at this point):  "Ok, sold!"

(After receiving the camera, and noticing it quite clearly.)

Me:  "Umm, dude, this thing is shutter shocking like crazy, can I please return it?"

Them:  "*sigh* Well... ok, if you pay a $35 restocking fee."

That was last Saturday, and I'd subsequently decided to keep it, since the workarounds seemed to help enough.  Now, I've put a ton of clicks on it (in both real world shooting and tests).  So even if the offer does still stand, I might feel like a a-hole for returning it now.  But heck, after having my lovely photos this morning "ruined", I think I'd send it back to them with a $50 fee.

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