Oly 25mm 1.8 available for pre-order on Amazon

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Re: Sigma 30mm instead?

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FrankS009 wrote:

If looking for a good inexpensive normal prime, I wonder if a Sigma 30 might not be a better buy than the Olympus 25mm. Yes the Sigma is slower. And the corners are not as consistently sharp, but the Sigma is quite a lot sharper in the centre. The Sigma weights almost exactly the same as the Olympus, and costs a bit more than half as much.

Yup, the Sigma 30 is a great cheap lens. That is why I'm not considering the 25/1.8 at this time. I still don't like the size that much, but...

As a "walk about" lens, 30 mm is a bit too long on the m4/3 format.  Working distance is also a problem if you want to use it indoors with tight space.

This is what I thought when it was first released, but after being lured into buying one on a whim for $150 I've completley changed my mind. For what I'm shooting now, the FL is turning out to be very ideal for most of my subject matter, including landscapes.

I also have the Oly 17/2.8 for wider and am happy with the performance at f5.6, where I try to shoot it, and the P14, but I find that I am using the 30 almost exclusively. (I have the problems you describe when shooting my 45, but I've justified that as being a special purpose lens for me, so I keep it.)

The thing I learned about equipment is that sometimes you just have to jump in and try something to see if it really works in practice for you

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