My 24-70 FE arrived as well :D

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Re: My 24-70 FE arrived as well :D

Hubbles wrote:

First impression was wooooah - it is massive - but fortunately when I took it out of its nice little carry bag - not all the size was the lens as the bag is quite padded. In actuality whilst the size was larger than I expected, it is definitely manageable and smaller than the adapter and 28-75 tamron combination that i had.

Autofocus was very snappy. I couldn't notice a huge difference in the time it took compared to the 35mm FE, so happy in that regards. Haven't played around yet with it really, but no really complaints.

Find attached comparison in size to the tamron. (yes the pictures were taken in my iPhone in a hurry to share so they will likely offend many fussy people, but it is bloody hot in Australia atm and I felt lazy!)

Wow, the Tamron surely looks good! I'll try mine (Nikon mount) as soon as my A7 arrives. BTW, Tamron's coatings are superb: it doesn't need a hood. So Zeiss is only 70 grams lighter (well, probably a little more than 100 grams with a cheap adapter)-- and a full stop slower? Is it at least sharper than Tamron at f/4 (I know the answer for both at f/2.8)?

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