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EinsteinsGhost wrote:

But no better argument can be made on the subject but by time.

Right. CSCs with built in EVFs are fairly new and ultra high res EVFs themselves are fairly new. My only point in this was that it's premature for the DSLRs-must-die squad to argue that mirrorless is better because it's cheaper. (It may be simpler and it may or may not be cheaper to produce, but it's not cheaper to the consumer yet). Of course, to the extent that cheaper & simpler are beneficial, nothing prevents mirrorless in legacy DSLR systems, giving them the same benefits. (I think terminology gets interesting as 'mirrorless' can differentiate a camera from reflex cameras in the same line - like a mirrorless EOS Rebel versus a DSLR ... while CSC might be used to differntiate reduced registration distance systems like e-mount, NX, EOS-M, m43, Fuji X from the legacy DSLR systems for purposes of reporting sales and talking about the benefits of the shorter mount). SLTs already throw a small monkey wrench in the works, but once Nikon or Canon release mirrorless models compatible with their SLR lineups, the meaning of the word mirrorless will become more vague.

To assume either way would be simply being short sighted. Logically speaking, if I were to bet, it would be on digital becoming more digital and right down to eliminating the mirror. The pro mirror noise will subside with it.

The ratio of mirrorless to reflex in the market will certainly increase. I make no predictions as to where it levels off. A lot depends on what Canon & Nikon do in their SLR lineups - if they product mirrorless models leaving only a couple reflex bodies - then the ratio of mirrorless to reflex will ultimately end up very high. The ratio of CSC to legacy SLR systems will increase, too, over time, and again, I don't guess as to actual shape of the curve.

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