Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

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Re: Photographers are tougher technically/artistically...

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

What key things do trained photo judges look for?

The training I got covered:

  • Identify The Strengths and weaknesses in a photograph
  • See the message the photographer intends
  • Spot the criteria that makes a photograph great
  • Understand the Techniques used to create the image
  • Set aside your own personal bias when evaluating
  • Apply a fair and impartial score to an image
  • Understand what judges look for in your photography
  • Discover new options for evaluating photography
  • Know why it's ok to break ‘rules’ for great photography

Can you give a few examples of what constitutes "wow" factor?

Basically what makes your jaw drop. I usually use the following site for examples (although they are different each time so they may not always be "wow" images, but usually above average):

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