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Re: Dennis: I feel perfectly at loss = the a3000 was a disaster not a glory for S.

Greynerd wrote:

It is difficult to think of another area of technology where where replacing mechanical components with electronic systems does not decrease costs. If it does not it begs the question what is the point?

Well, mirrorless certainly has various pros & cons. But other than compactness, much is lost on the consumer. I'd love to know just how expensive high res EVFs are, since that seems to be where the price jumps so much.

It is probably why Canon are still selling shed loads of DSLR's as there has been no economic advantage demonstrated in mirrorless sytems at all.

Right. Lenses are pricey, too. They tend to be of newer designs ... some with IS, with silent focusing, but looking at modest f/1.8 primes and kit zooms, it seems that CSC lenses cost more. Again, there may be inherent differences that explain the cost, but don't necessarily justify it to the consumer. Though despite this, there have been some great fire sale deals on various CSCs, from NEX to m43 to Nikon 1.

Edit: Probably mirrorless is a solution which has just failed to persuade people that there was a problem.

It's certainly convinced some people that there was a huge problem ! DSLRs are old technology from the 1700s that desperately needs to be made a part of ancient history, to hear them talk ! (They don't seem to object to Leica still making digital rangefinders, though ... it's just moving mirrors that they object to).

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